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  • Michael W. Smith: Still Wondering After All These Years
    (OCTOBER 2010) Michael W. Smith is a pillar in the Christian music industry and virtually redefined the sound of worship over two decades, but Michael is not one to be content to rest on his laurels and coast — in fact, he still wonders at the mystery of God, more now than ever.
  • Unrestricted: Finding Community In Organic Worship
    (OCTOBER 2010) They aren't about putting on a show, but REND COLLECTIVE EXPERIMENT is organic worship that draws everyone in to participate. Their raw instrumentation and powerfully deep lyrics by this assembly of passionate believers takes worship to a new level.
  • Lincoln Brewster
    (OCTOBER 2010) Acclaimed worship leader and recording artist depicts the reality of joy, laughter, tears and strife, uncertainties, challenges, and faith that our individual journeys are made up of and that makes us who we are in his latest album, REAL LIFE.
  • When Worship Meets Love
    (SEPTEMBER 2010) We are a ransomed people, set free from bondage, cut out of a legacy of slavery, rushed into the light of freedom - so that we may worship God. What a heritage, what a glorious charge! It should be a joy!
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