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  • Selah: Expression of Hope
    (AUGUST 2011) Selah returns with their most inspiring project to date. Allan Hall shares all about their latest album, HOPE OF THE BROKEN WORLD.
  • Worship Worthy
    (JULY 2011) Its interesting we often see diamonds only after they’ve been cut polished set in a beautiful setting... In other words what we miss seeing is the process of refinement...
  • Lessons in Life: God is Able
    (JULY 2011) Reuben Morgan, Hillsong worship pastor and songwriter, explores the meaning and message behind the songs on the church’s latest live album...
  • This is the Day!
    (JULY 2011) Today is a new day! It’s funny how I can have several moving targets going at once and yet things still feel as though they’re not much different than the day before...
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