• Matt Maher: The Voice
    Maher Has A New Calling—and a New Voice, All Showcasing On His Critically Acclaimed Album Saints And Sinners. Featured: June 15, 2015, CCM Magazine.
  • Matt Redman: Unbroken and In Agreement
    Cover Story: Matt Redman Binds The Bellows Of Hundreds Poised To Praise Inside London Landmark. Cover Story: June 1, 2015 edition, CCM Magazine.
  • Christy Nockels: The Temperate Trailblazer
    Why she didn’t initially feel like a forerunner & other interesting revelations! Featured: May 15, 2015, CCM Magazine.
  • In The Studio: The Neverclaim
    A sneak peak into the process of recording "The Joy" by The Neverclaim, slated for release July 17, 2015. Featured: May 1, 2015, CCM Magazine.
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