• Urban Spotlight: Charles Jenkins
    More than a Grammy Award-winning gospel music wavemaker, Charles Jenkins is a visionary pastor...
  • tobyMac: Focussed
    (SEPTEMBER 2012) Longevity is a rarity in the entertainment business. Most artists consider a good five year run a job well done. Then again, most artists aren’t tobyMac. . .
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Beckah Shae
    (AUGUST 2011) Though her hardship-filled history seemed hopeless, it was in her darkest trials that Beckah Shae discovered God's saving grace. Feeling a divine urgency to share her salvation story and help other find Jesus, she releases her latest testimonial album, DESTINY...
  • Black & White: Race, Diversity, Ministry, Music
    (JULY 2011) It's certainly fair to say that America has come a long way on the issue of race. Given that the Civil Rights movement took place just half a century ago, it's indeed quite an accomplishment that American now has a black president. Progress has been made... but not enough.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Kim Burrell
    (JULY 2011) Kim Burrell is one of Gospel's music's most famous and favored talents, but her unparalleled vocal dexterity is respected industry wide thanks to a list of showstopping performances with mega artists like Whitney Houston and Harry Connick, Jr. Now hear about her latest album...
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Jennifer Holiday & Rev. Raphael G. Warnock
    (JUNE 2011) Holliday and Rev. Warnock joined forces for a unique project combining strong vocals and powerhouse spoken word on their album, GOODNESS AND MERCY, released in April. Here they share with CCM an insider's take on the album...
  • Mary Mary's Big Mission
    (MAY 2011) The sisters have had unprecedented success in both the Christian and mainstream world. Now, they're back with a BIG new sound and a firm commitment to keep God, faith and family first.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Nicole C. Mullen
    (MAY 2011) The self-proclaimed 'funk-a-billy' songstress takes a new turn on her latest album... worship.
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