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  • Chanel Hayes: Three To One
    Trin-i-tee 5:7's Chanel Hayes Goes Solo
  • V.Rose: You Only Live Twice
    The world of Christian hip-hop is one in which few females tread. V. Rose is out to change that. The urban hip-hop songstress has been blowing critics and fans away...
  • KB: Hope Through Hip-Hop
    When his latest collection of rap tracks, 100, claimed the top position on Billboard’s Christian chart, KB quickly became the next big thing in a long line of success stories in the ever-expanding niche of Christian hip-hop.
  • Tedashii: Paradise Found
    The art of restoration is a delicate one; the creation of harmony amidst the dissonance of life, a precarious endeavor. Tedashii knows this heart-wrenching process as well as anyone and much more than most people want to, as is chronicled in his latest project, Below Paradise.
  • Donnie McClurkin: Better With Two
    Donnie McClurkin is a living legend in gospel music. On his latest project, DUETS, Donnie celebrates his gospel home base by tracking high-powered pairings with diverse musical legends...
  • JOSHUA ROGERS: The Young Buck With Big Dreams
    Catching up with the seasoned youth, CCM asks Joshua Rogers about newfound fame and how to stay grounded.
  • Shonlock's Night to Remember
    I know lots of people have lots of different experiences. But everyone knows that this is the moment when God met you. That is the heart of A Night to Remember.
  • Donald Lawrences Shares His Latest
    An in-demand producer, musician and collaborator, Grammy-winner Donald Lawrence’s musical influence ripples beyond his historic gospel music beginnings...
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