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Story Behind the Song

  • Story Behind The Song: Chris Sligh, "The Anatomy of Broken"
    (OCTOBER 2010) Chris Sligh knows a thing or two about brokenness. So much so, it's the basis for his debut album on Word Records. The American Idol alum shares with CCM the story behind the songs from his forthcoming LP.
  • Story Behind The Song: Francesca Battistelli, "Beautiful, Beautiful"
    (JULY 2010) Francesca Battistelli, is on a fast-track to becoming a bona fide industry darling. Her writing is soulful, her voice instantly recognizable, and her delivery relatable and transparent. Watch as she shares the story behind her latest single, "Beautiful, Beautiful".
  • Story Behind The Song: Revive, "Blink"
    (JUNE 2010) "Blink" has dominated airwaves and for good resonates with everyone. Check out the story behind the hit.
  • Story Behind The Song: Jimmy Needham, "Yours To Take"
    (MAY 2010) You might say that Jimmy Needham has the whole package - killer vocals, intricate lyrics, and the skills to officially label him a "musician's musician", complete with having a sold-out heart for Jesus. Listen to Jimmy record and talk about "Yours To Take" his new album.
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