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  • 8 Things You Need To Know About Kevin Max
    (APRIL 2010) Kevin's solo career has taken him from alternative to poetry to even old school gospel, but his latest endeavor takes him out on the dance floor and is sure to expand his audience even more. COTES d'ARMOR is a re-mix record with European flair. Find out more...
  • Chasen: Chasin' Christ
    (APRIL 2010) Surprised by their runaway success, Chasen stays grounded and keeps ministry front and center.
  • Dove Predictions
    (MARCH 2010) Contributing writers Andrew Greer, Andy Argyrakis, and Matt Conner go head to head over this year's Dove predictions...
  • Fresh Faces: Abandon Kansas
    (MARCH 2010) Check out this new band and read all about their debut album, WE'RE ALL GOING SOMEWHERE.
  • Redemptive Pieces: Sanctus Real
    (March 2010) Sanctus Real emerges with an exposition on forgiveness and grace as lead singer / songwriter Matt Hammitt explains the beauty in not knowing all the answers.
  • Burning Bright: Day Of Fire
    (MARCH 2010) Old relationships bring new life to Day Of Fire's third studio release, Losing All.
  • Fresh Faces: The Letter Black
    (FEBRUARY 2010) Discover The Letter Black and hear about their debut album, HANGING ON BY A THREAD.
  • TobyMac: All In A Day's Work
    (JANUARY 2010) He just night be the most hardworking star in the business. tobyMac adds a fourth studio project, TONIGHT, to his resumé — and somehow finds time to launch a clothing line, mentor new artists, and get home in time for dinner.
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