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  • Dave Barnes: The Golden Boy
    Whomever coined the phrase, “Silence is Golden,” must have never had kids. Dave Barnes is learning that the fun way...
    (DECEMBER 2013) Every year a limited number of people get the chance to say they became a finalist for American Idol. For Dylan Arms, it was more than an opportunity...
  • Audrey Assad: Independent, Focused...Fortunate
    Audrey Assad releases her first album as an independent artist since departing her major label. Backed by overwhelming support from fans, it showcases a true artist committed to excellence, the church and an inexhaustible pursuit of creativity.
  • Indie Spotlight: Son of Laughter
    The finest of pleasures for music fans combing through the independent ranks is stumbling upon that hidden gem. Chris Slaten, the man behind Son of Laughter, offers an undiscovered treasure this summer with the sweet yet substantive melodies on his new EP, The Mantis and the Moon...
  • Indie Spotlight: Jessical Campbell
    Some of the most noted works in music history stem from a long-term partnership between an artist and his or her producer...
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Shaun Groves
    (AUGUST 2011) For many Christians in the arts, there's a greater mission in mind that their music serves. For Shaun Groves, that mission is all encompassing. Find out more about him and his latest release, THIRD WORLD SYMPHONY.
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Danen Kane
    (JULY 2011) Danen Kane's artistic journey is a backwards one, yet the hand of God has been clear through the entire affair...
  • THE FRINGE Spotlight: Arthur Alligood
    (JUNE 2011) Five years ago, Arthur Alligood took his first step into the music industry, but then sidelined his plans to look after the first few steps of his child. Now, the Nashville songwriter is back with a new recording entitled, I HAVE NOT SEEN THE WIND.
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