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  • Letters From Lindsey: New Beginnings
    I love the Fall in Tennessee. Being from Southern California, where there are virtually no seasons, has given me a particularly special appreciation for this time of year. It is a time of new beginnings: the beginning of a new school year, the beginning of football season and now this year it...
  • Layers
    Remember the line from Shrek, “I’m like an onion, lots of layers?” I think that’s true for all of us. I’ve been thinking recently about how as children we’re free - free to dance, laugh, play, trust - you name it, but each and everyday of our lives as we grow into adulthood we begin to add layers..
  • The Independent Music Awards
    Known for supporting artists that follow their own muse, the Independent Music Awards program receives submissions from artists previously on major labels as well as self-released and indie label talent from more than 70 countries. Honors in more than 70 Song, Album, Music..
  • Distribution 101, Pt. 1
    In business, there's usually more than one model by which to conduct business in any given field. When it comes to physical music distribution, there are basically two distinctly different types of distribution models - "traditional" and "one-stop." Both traditional and one-stop distributors...
  • Q&A with Songwriter, Laura Kaczor
    Laura Kaczor (pronounced, kuh ZOR), a Nashville recording artist, songwriter, worship leader and speaker, released her new album Love Enough to stores nationwide in Fall of 2010 through Universal Music Christian Group/Fontana distribution on LifeThirst Records/IE. Lindsey Kirkendall of CCM Indie...
  • “Like” It: How a Little Button Can Add a “Thumbs Up” To Your Career
    They say sometimes the honesty of a stranger can put things into perspective more profoundly than that of any close friend could. Read along to discover a brief tip on how your social network can propel your career...
  • I Have Not Seen The Wind
    Five years ago, Arthur Alligood took his first few steps into the music industry. Then he sidelined such plans to look after the first few steps of his child.For the first time since 2006, the Nashville area songwriter is back with a new recording entitled I Have Not Seen The Wind.
  • Become a Brett Manning Associate Coach
    (AUGUST 2011) Ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the internationally renowned team of Brett Manning vocal coaches? You can train to be a member of their team through their unique coaches training program.
  • Reach 100,000 Potential Fans with the New Music Exclusive!
    As an independent musician, the most crucial part of your career is sharing music with audiences willing to give you a listen. The music industry is inundated with so much music it's hard to pick out the up-and-comers.
  • Letters From Lindsey: How NOT to Scare Off Potential Fans
    Your image and brand should be a priority in everything that you do, understanding that potential fans will judge you on the basis of how you look, how your website looks, your CD artwork, etc. before they even hear a note of your music. A poorly constructed website or poor quality photos could...
  • How to Interview a Producer
    As an artist, your art is all you have; so protecting it should be priority number one. The interview process, the contract you sign, and the producer you choose, are all key factors when it comes to protecting your art and learning how to interview producer’s effectively...
  • Am I Ready to Hire a Publicist?
    As an indie artist you must be strategic and wise in assembling the team that will work with you in music and in ministry. A publicist can and should be a vital part of your team, but you must first consider a few things. What do you have to promote and publicize?
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