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  • Getting Great Guitar Sounds in the Studio
    Dustin Ryan of Pop Gun Studios discusses all the necessary steps you should take to insure your riffs get the sound clarity they deserve.
  • Get Backstage.
    Lindsey Kirkendall (@ccmindie) discusses the appeal of the elusive Backstage Pass and shares Tom Jackson's new resource, the "Backstage Pass", which offers a plethora of knowledge that may overwhelm your ears and eyes.
  • Marianne Keith: Finding Her Voice
    It was love at first note for Marianne Keith. The stage, the audience, and the way her words affected others began stirring something inside her and just like that, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
  • Artistry Has Its Rewards
    Looking to reach new revenue opportunities & millions of fans? Enter the 11th Independent Music Awards by November 11, 2011 for a chance to prove your talents!
  • Two Are Better Than One
    For Beckah Shae, life has never been ordinary This out-of-the-box woman warrior for love has taken the “status quo” for the Christian artist and exceeded all expectation. Best known for “Put Your Love Glasses On” song and video explosion, Beckah Shae’s beat driven songs...
  • Distribution 101: Pt. 2
    Last month I discussed two distinctly different types of physical music distribution – “traditional” and “one-stop.” This month I will delve a little deeper into some of the various deals potentially offered by traditional distributors.
  • Music Business: Answered
    Have a question about the music industry? We want to hear from you! The CCM Indie Artist Network is proud to introduce “Music Business: Answered” – a new feature beginning this month where Michael Blanton will answer your questions about the music industry, being an independent artist, how to...
  • Devo with Drew Cline: Surrender
    When I think about the word surrender, I picture a bloody field complete with soldiers muddy and exhausted. I picture faces completely resigned to the fact that they can’t go on, that any further attempt to fight would be futile. What do you think of? Read on...
  • Qualify Before You Start the Race!
    Believe it or not, finding the right Producer is just as important as making the decision to work with one... Click here to learn how to qualify your producer and make sure you're working with the right one before you sign any paperwork.
  • 3 Keys to a Successful Website
    Is your website doing its job? Do you even know what its job is? Hold on, do you even HAVE a website? And no, Facebook does NOT count as your personal website. There are three main goals that you want your website to accomplish and if they're not doing these, you're setting yourself up for failure.
  • kickstarter videos
    kickstarter videos to consider
  • Brett Manning Studios Opens L.A. Location
    In October, Brett is opening a new studio in Los Angeles, CA. He will be teaching a seminar in LA on October 15 – tickets go on sale soon! (Group rates available)
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