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  • CCM Indie Christmas & New Years Giveaway
    "Like" CCM Indie on Facebook for a chance to win two Stephen Curtis Chapman tickets, a 4-CD set of the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (plus bonus DVD), OR one free advertisement for you or your band in our New Music Exclusive!
  • Deliver Your Gifts
    Each songwriter is given a different set of spiritual gifts. Read on as Krissy Nordhoff (writer of Natalie Grant’s Your Great Name) explores why songwriting can be the best delivery method for your unique gifts.
  • NOW WHAT? Put Your Music on the Map With John Mandeville
    Now What? A recurring theme through hundreds of messages I've received from developing artists ...
  • Distribution 101, Pt. 4
    So what is the best course of action for independent artists to take going forward? It depends on who you ask. Now that we’ve explored distribution, major label deals and the like over the course of the last three installments of the series, I’ll offer my vision of the future for success as...
  • Artist Spotlight: Jason Bare
    When asked what makes Christmas so special to him, Jason Bare laughs and says "everything!" Of course, Christmas represents the beautiful birth of Jesus but for Bare, it’s so much more. The first song he ever wrote was during Christmas and recording a Christmas album has always been dream of his.
  • Music Business: Answered (December Response)
    Are you involved in any business arrangements with songwriters or musicians? Click here to read the question from one of our readers surrounding intellectual property rights and the professional response from industry leader, Michael Blanton.
  • Devo With Drew Cline: The Cross
    I was raised in church. All my life my parents took me to Sunday School and we even occasionally went to Sunday and Wednesday night services (these services seemed, at least in my adolescent mind, to be reserved for the super committed holy crowd). I know church. I know all the clichés...
  • One Year Later
    Well, we've made it! CCM Indie will be one year old at the beginning of the year and we are thrilled at the response it has gotten. Not only have we been able to bring you the best in industry information, but also developed new opportunities specially designed for indie artists...
  • Distribution 101, Pt. 3
    Independence is defined as a state of being free from outside control and authority. For the independent musician, remaining independent can be incredibly liberating and extraordinarily burdensome – all at the same time. Those with a fierce work ethic and independent mindset wouldn't change it.
  • Music Business: Answered (November Response)
    Michael Blanton, President of BE Music & Entertainment, answers your questions about the independent music industry!
  • Our God Reigns
    Life is crazy, no doubt. We’re all busier than we should be and we can’t even keep up with our email much less our own lives. Work seems all consuming, our families often get our time leftovers and many of our churches are trying to come up with more programs to fill whatever is left.
  • Maximize Your PR
    So you have determined you need and are ready for a national PR campaign and you’ve just hired a publicist. Now what? There are basic elements, tasks and procedures you and your publicist will engage in, but in order to get the most out of your campaign, there are a few details you should know...
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