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  • Love Along the Way
    Jaime Thietten is seasoned pro when it comes to creating and distributing music. Releasing her first album back in 2000, Jaime’s respectable career has creatively reflected her growth and maturity, personally, spiritually, and musically.
  • Q&A: Justin Cortelyou Talks Engineering
    Justin Cortelyou is an engineer and mixer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Having engineered and mixed records for Taylor Swift, KISS, Ke$ha, Alice Cooper and Kristin Chenoweth, Justin began his career in the music industry working with Grammy Award-winning producers and engineers Bill VornDick...
  • The Producer's Role of Servant
    A great producer wears many hats, but perhaps the most significant is the role they play in the development of the artist-fan relationship. This is an often-overlooked aspect of the record making process and an important factor to consider when choosing a producer.
  • Jeremy McCoy on Live Performance
    Lindsey Kirkendall sat down with The Fray's Bassist, Jeremy McCoy, to get his take on performing live. Read along to learn some on-stage tips from someone who understands performing under those bright stage lights.
  • Why Is Live Performance So Important?
    Want to take your sales from $.75 to $4.00 a head? Amy Wolters and Lang Bliss of Tom Jackson Productions tell you how in this video.
  • What Goes Into A Live Show
    So you finally got your gigs booked? Hate to break it you, but you still have a long road ahead of you. Now the hard part have to get people to show up! But don’t sweat it. Many independent artists struggle with the same, simple question: How do I promote my shows? The process can seem o
  • Five Smooth Stones
    Most successful musicians claim their love for their instrument started from childhood and a family member but what is not common is when what started their love for music is still the central part of their daily life. While rare for most, this is all Andrew Franklin knows.
  • What Distinguishes an Artist From Just Another Great  Musician, Featuring EMI/CMG’s Karrie Hardwick
    Ever wondered what artist development looks like from the perspective of a major label A&R rep? How do they define a true artist versus simply a great musician? Maybe you’re just curious about the role of A&R in the label system...Take a revealing look inside the mind of an A&R rep from one of...
  • The 2012 Atlas to Artist Development: 10 Tips for a Successful Year
    We tend to be in "highlight" mode lately. After all, a brand new year is approaching and overflowing with new opportunities for independent artists. To gear up for 2012, we recap some of the most important topics we've discussed with Michael Blanton throughout 2011. Should you invest in a manager...
  • Devo with Drew Cline: I Am Becoming
    Life has a way of "smoothing out the edges", of using our struggles to shape our hearts. As artists we have to be faithful to create in the middle of the chaos, to be communicate honestly through the pain and unknown. Before you know it, your lyrics take on more depth, your melodies seem more...
  • Mission Possible: Worship & Hard Rock
    Every once in awhile you come across a musician that has an uncanny ability to create a sound so unique that is not only could cross genres but also attract an audience with varied tastes, ages, and backgrounds. Multiply that by five and you get Fades Away, a worship hard rock band formed by...
  • Swimming Through the Murky Waters of A&R as an Aspiring Artist
    As an artist, one of the greatest struggles is determining how to get noticed by the right people in the music industry--and the reputation A&R has earned for itself is true: earning the attention of a label's artist development representative is an enormous task. However, there is a light...
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