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  • The Top 5 Things An Indie Artist Needs To Know About Merch
    As an indie, it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to creating and selling products bearing your name. Sometimes it can feel awkward and can be a side of the business that does not come easy. To help get the ball rolling, here are the “Top Five” things you need...
  • Back & Better than Ever
    When pop-Christian group Larue called it quits almost ten years ago, Natalie did anything but slow down. Her personal life quickly expanded when she and her new husband began a family, now of a family of five.“I really dove 100% into the life of a mother and wife.
  • Band = Brand: Blending Music and Merchandise
    What makes the of marriage music and fashion so intriguing? It captures a lifestyle. But from concept to creation, there is a business behind it all, and it starts with your band's brand. I recently had the opportunity to speak with TRUNK LTD's Director of Retail Sales, Kristine Van Galder.
  • Artist Spotlight: Nathan Brumley
    You’ve likely heard Nathan Brumley’s “Love Outside the Lines” on Grey’s Anatomy. Winner of Embassy Music’s songwriting contest (2000), Runner-up in the USA Song Contest, and was voted best 14 acts of the Southeast by Discmakers 2007. Continue reading and you will surely see why Nathan...
  • Professional Songwriting Development With Cindy Wilt Colville
    Independent Publisher/ Songwriting Consultant and former VP of Publishing for Word Records, Cindy Wilt Colville explains her unique role in assisting indie artists and songwriters in the development of their writing chops. One of only a handful of people offering this service worldwide...
  • The Writing Triangle
    Just like many other areas in life, writing is a balancing act. It takes a while to get your bearings when you are just starting out, but eventually you begin to see three separate types of writing sessions emerge: writing by yourself, writing with a Paul, and writing with a Timothy.
  • You Can Write a Song
    “If you can sing a little bit, and you can play a couple chords – you can write a song.” These are the very simple words of the very accomplished Andrew Fromm, and if you’re not sure who he is, you’ve probably heard of some of the notable artists he’s written songs for: Backstreet Boys, NSYNC...
  • How PROs Help Indie Artists
    John Mullins, a Writer Relations Rep at SESAC, answers some basic questions about performance rights organizations (PROs) such as SESAC, ASCAP and BMI. His insight is valuable for budding songwriters who are confused about the legal implications of creating and selling their music.
  • The Best Way to Distribute Music as an Indie Artist
    It's all about distribution with Eric Nordhoff, owner of Go Global Entertainment and publisher of Dove award-winning "Your Great Name" (Natalie Grant). Learn about getting your music on iTunes, choosing the right distributor and where to start when you're ready to distribute your music...
  • Love At First Song
    While “love at first sight” might exist only in the movies, for McKendree and Rachel Tucker, their story is about as close as it comes.
  • A Great Work for God's Kingdom
    Krissy Nordhoff, Christian independent artist and songwriter, shares words of inspiration about doing work in God's kingdom.
  • Distribution with Bob Morrison
    Bob Morrison is a music industry veteran. With a career that spans over thirty years, he currently runs a music business consulting firm called Chart Noise and serves as the VP Catalog and Special Markets for eOne Music. Recently I was able to talk with him about distribution and the role...
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