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  • Letters From Lindsey: To Sign or Not To Sign
    (JUNE 2011) To sign or not to sign…that is the question! As we roll into summertime, most artists are gearing up to hit the road and looking forward to the next leg of their tour schedule and if they’re wise, they’re also thinking about the next leg of their career. One of the biggest career...
  • Production Agreements: Who Owns What?
    (JUNE 2011) This month I decided to respond to a question that was emailed to me from Daniel H. He asks: "I had a Producer tell me that if we recorded a project, I would own the songs but he would own the actual recordings…is that true?"
  • Show Up
    (JUNE 2011) Uncertain of victory or utter annihilation the one thing I could not do was not show up. Like some unwritten code in my DNA as a man-child, I had to at least be there, to not run from the challenge, I may not have been able to walk away from the scene but at least I would show up.
  • Songwriting Tips with Natalie Hemby
    (JUNE 2011) You may not have heard her name, but you've definitely heard her songs. Over the past year and a half, Hemby has seen great success from cuts like "White Liar" and "Only Prettier", by Miranda Lambert; "Play On" by Carrie Underwood and"Timing is Everything" from the Country...
  • With Music and Justice For All
    (JUNE 2011) Artists boast all the time about being unique and unlike the rest but Corrin Campbell is the real deal. Her unmatched background coupled with her dynamic, pop rock sound makes her a force to be reckoned with in the Christian music world.
  • The "Musts" of Marketing
    (JUNE 2011) Being an independent artist is tough work. You have to have talent and drive, but that's the easy part. To survive and thrive independently, you have to operate as a business; sometimes doing the job of 6-7 different people. One of the most important jobs is that of marketing yourself...
  • Are You Authentic? A Musical & Spiritual Dilemma, Part 3
    Spiritual authenticity is oneness with God! Over the course of the last two months we’ve been exploring the nature of authenticity and why it is important to Christian artists.
  • Are You Authentic? A Musical & Spiritual Dilemma, Part 2
    Make vital music and set the world afire! In last month’s edition, I posed questions related to authenticity – what is it and why is it important? In this edition, I will be exploring authenticity from the perspective of how it specifically applies to the art form of music.
  • Are You Authentic? A Musical & Spiritual Dilemma, Part 1
    Anything authentic remains true to its own personality, spirit or character, and the very nature of authenticity ensures that it cannot be fabricated. Authenticity, then, is primarily revealed through interaction with the external world. Actions serve to either deny or certify credibility...
  • IMMERSE — A Worship Experience
    (JULY 2010) This conference is the kind that can (and does) change lives, impact the music biz and take giant leaps forward for the kingdom. This one-of-a-kind training and competitive event is a crash course in the Christian music industry for independent artists, songwriters, and worship leaders.
  • Noise Revolution?
    The world of music, production and distribution is changing. Beau Black takes an insider's look at the latest.
  • What's Next: The EP Route
    (MARCH 2010) "[EPs] have enabled us to get out of the mindset that there's only one way to break new artists", says Brad O'Donell, VIP of A&R, EMI CMG. Read more...
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