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  • What It Takes To Successfully Manage Your Christian Music Career
    There is a lot involved in managing an artist’s music career – particularly if you’re a Christian artist. Starting and operating a music ministry involves a bundle of different skill sets. And, each one requires a tremendous amount of attention, knowledge, relationships and...
  • The Manager's Role with Andrew Patton
    After nearly 8 years of operation, Patton House Entertainment continues on its swift rise, having expanded into a full service company specializing in personal management, marketing and promotions, consultation and publishing services. At the head of it all is President and CEO Andrew Patton,...
  • Unashamed
    When it comes to turning dreams into reality, Trey Pearson is the guy to talk to. At the young age of 16, he started teaching himself piano and had the grandiose idea of getting a few guys together and starting a band. Simple enough, right?
  • Building Momentum with Publicity
    Explore the world of PR with Publicity veteran Janet Bozeman, owner of Bozeman Media. Janet shares insight into how an indie artist can increase publicity for themselves and develop relationships with key players that will help to build momentum for your tours and album releases.
  • Beth Hood-Fromm: Finding the Right Publicist
    Beth Hood-Fromm shares tips for finding a publicist that works for you, the artist.
  • Kylie Hughes: Making Her Own Way
    Originality is an understatement when it comes to Kylie Hughes. Describing herself has having a songwriting style similar to Taylor Swift, the pop melodies of Katy Perry, and the Christian background to that of Amy Grant, Hughes has been busy crafting a new style of music she had named Calipopicana.
  • Benita Bellamy's Calling: Publicity
    When I ask Benita Bellamy how she got into the entertainment industry and what events led her to start her own company, she says, “Oh Lord!” We both immediately burst into laughter. But this marketing and public relations executive has an incredible story, one rooted in faith and following...
  • The Balancing Act
    Krissy Nordhoff shares music business tips and devotionals surrounding her career as a Christian songwriter.
  • How to Never Write a Bad Song
    I recently had a cowrite with Carl Cartee, an award winning writer and worship leader. During our conversation, he shared with me about going to hear an artist from his church speak. This artist sells his paintings for thousands of dollars each. Every piece is valuabl...
  • A Man of Many Talents
    Answering the “what do you do?” question is never easy to answer but for Bryan Fenkart, it’s even more complicated. “I’d answer an ‘artist’ but that just sounds too pretentious,” Bryan says laughing. “I guess I’d have to say that I’m an actor since that’s how I’m currently paying my bills.”
  • 3 Basic Marketing Strategies You CAN Do
    For independent artists, there’s more pressure to be better well rounded in the industry today. You may be clueless about the world of marketing, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it starts with focusing on the basics.
  • Art Inspires Art
    Krissy Nordhoff discusses Psalm 65: 6-8. "All your salvation wonders are on display in your trophy room..."
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