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  • In The Studio with... Mandisa
    (FEBRUARY 2011) As she readies her next project, What If We Were Real, CCM joins Mandisa in the studio for the magic in the works, plus a look at the gear she trusts when it comes time to pen those tunes.
  • Barlow Girl Dishes On Their Rig Of Choice
    (DECEMBER 2010) One of the only all-girl ensembles, they take it one step further as the top all-girl band on the charts and on the road. Barlow Girl tells CCM what they can't live without when it comes to their gear.
  • Chris August Takes Us Inside His Gear Collection
    (NOVEMBER 2010) He penned "Starry Night" in his home studio and now Chris August takes us inside the gear that makes it all happen.
  • When It Rains: Protecting Your Gear in the Elements
    The life of the musician is all about late nights, time on the road, and unpredictability. Jeff Owen of Tenth Avenue North shares how a little planning can help keep you gear and nice and safe in the midst of hot, muggy, and wet weather.
  • Tackling The Singer's Most Important Instrument: The Voice
    (SEPTEMBER 2010) If you come to Music City, and utter the name Brett Manning, names like Taylor Swift and Keith Urban will probably come up. These artists and countless others have benefited from Brett's unique, powerful brand of vocal coaching - now the rest of us can learn all his secrets too...
  • Gear Guide with Joe Rickard from RED
    (AUGUST 2010) To see Red live is an experience like not other, thanks largely to the man on the drums, Joe Rickard. Joe shares with CCM the ins and outs of the gear his trusts, both onstage an in the studio.
  • Gear Guide With Conrad (From Chris And Conrad)
    (JULY 2010) Conrad from Chris and Conrad is what you might call a "hands-on" kind of guy. And when it came to outfitting their stage show with the coolest, best sounding, portable piano, he took matters into his own hands — litterally...
  • Gear Guide with... Newworldson
    Their sound is one of a kind. Here's a look at the gear that sets Newworldson apart.
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