• Nightmare
    Some authors hold such a developed back catalog that to bring up a genre also conjures that writer's name. Now it seems like another author might be heading in that same direction. Find out more about this author, Robin Parrish and about Parrish's new book, NIGHTMARE.
  • Angels & Idols
    Find out about the book, 'Angels & Idols: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of a Would-Be Pop Star' by Regie Hamm.
  • The Blueprint: A Plan for Living About Life's Storms
    Kirk Franklin has learned a few things along the way. In his book, 'The Blueprint', he shares his plan for success.
  • Beyond Me
    Melinda Doolittle is well aware that her success comes from something far beyond herself. Find out about her book, 'Beyond Me: Finding Your Way to Life's Next Level'.
  • February 2008 Book Reviews
    Read the reviews of a few books that were published this year. In this issue: NO OTHER GODS / CHARACTER MAKEOVER / CULTURE SHIFT / WHAT CAN BE FOUND IN 'LOST' / HOLLYWOOD NOBODY.
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