• Sea Songs
    (SEPTEMBER 2010) Bebo Norman's OCEAN Dives Deep Into Life, Love, and What's Left
  • What's New With... Chris August
    (AUGUST 2010) Chris August talks about his album NO FAR AWAY, and watch a video of him singing the song "7x70" live.
  • A Righteous Revolution
    (AUGUST 2010) Natalie Grant Goes to Battle for Love, Justice, and Freedom
  • Into The Whole World: Casting Crowns Goes Global
    (AUGUST 2010) While most artists are traversing the country from festival to festival, Casting Crowns is doing the "youth group leader" thing, serving in their churches, taking their youth groups to summer camps, holding Bible studies, and investing into lives around the world who have nothing.
  • pureNRG — Learning How A Kid Can [Now!] Be A Kid!
    (AUGUST 2010) They've performed with some of the biggest names in Christian music. They've taken Disney radio by storm and now, pureNRG is ready to take on the next big thing — high school! Caroline, Carolyne and Jordan share with CCM about their final album, GRADUATION.
  • What's New with... Jaci Velasquez
    (JULY 2010) The last five years have been busy for Jaci V. Beginning with her marriage to Salvador singer, Nic Gonzales, followed by the birth of her two sons, and in the middle of all that, she managed to record an album, launch a tour with Salvador, prep a new album, and film two movies!
  • Keys To The Kingdom: Dana Key Goes Home
    (JULY 2010) Remembering Dana Key
  • Pieces Of A Fragile Heart
    (JULY 2010) In the wake of a serious diagnosis for his unborn son, the lead singer of Santus Real opens his heart and hands...
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