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  • Bright Eyes: Owl City
    (JUNE 2011) From OCEAN EYES to ALL THINGS BRIGHT, Adam Young of Owl City is taking in the whole wide world.
  • 42nd Dove Award Winners
    (MAY 2011) On-stage, back-stage and everywhere in between, CCM was there for every minute of the 42nd Annual Dove Awards. See all the winners and the highlights here!
  • What's New With... Abandon
    (MAY 2011) Check out the latest from Abandon. New project, new sounds and always, without Abandon.
  • Paul Colman Trio
    (MAY 2011) The Paul Colman Trio is back with a new album and the sound we all love.
  • Mandisa Drops The Mask
    (MAY 2011) After losing 120 pounds and the mask of perfection, Mandisa has gained a new perspective and just the perfect songs to tell us all how she got real.
  • Storytelling: Laura Story Finds Blessings In The Story Gone Different
    (MAY 2011) After her husband was diagnosed with, treated for and survived a brain tumor, Laura Story is learning what life looks like with disability, uninvited struggle and blessings from the rubble.
  • Mary Mary's Big Mission
    (MAY 2011) The sisters have had unprecedented success in both the Christian and mainstream world. Now, they're back with a BIG new sound and a firm commitment to keep God, faith and family first.
  • What's New With... Katelynne Cox
    (APRIL 2011) Katelynne Cox gives CCM an exclusive look at her music, how she survived adolescent bullying and what God is teaching her about growing up as a girl in love with Him.
  • Rebecca St. James — The Mrs. Returns
    (APRIL 2011) Engaged, in love and eager for the future. Rebecca St. James is back with a new worship album and a new life up ahead.
  • Presenting Jonny Diaz
    (APRIL 2011) It may seem a bit backwards to make your sophomore album self-titled... but the man who's been known as "The More Beautiful You" guy knows exactly who he is and is ready to tell the world.
  • Children of God: Easter Redemption and a Heavenly Father's Open Arms
    (APRIL 2011) The Easter story is one of resurrection, redemption and children being welcomed into the arms of a heavenly father. With open arms, the Chapman family has responded to that love by loving in return through adoption and supporting others to do the same.
  • Melinda Doolittle: An Easter Dream Comes True
    (APRIL 2011) The American Idol Finalist has had another dream come true...she's a vegetable! In a starring appearance in the latest Veggie Tales' film, Melinda Doolittle helps bring the spirit of Easter to life.
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