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  • What's New With... John Waller
    (JUNE 2011) Faithful fans may remember the name John Waller as lead singer of According to John, though more recently, he found fame as a solo artist and soundtrack contributor to Fireproof...
  • Owl City and Mat Kearney Live at the Ryman
    (JUNE 2011) Owl City and Mat Kearney perform live at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn.
  • Chris Tomlin: Leading the Bride
    (JUNE 2011) Just days before his upcoming marriage, Chris Tomlin shares what it's like to lead the Bride of Christ through worship, his thoughts on marriage and how he partnered with Ed Cash on his latest album to maintain his trademark approach to worship with new sounds and sonic creativity.
  • What's New With... Ryan Stevenson
    (JUNE 2011) After developing his musical gifts as a college student in the suburban Oregon scene alongside Paul Wright and Shawn McDonald, Ryan Stevenson went on to become a teacher and then an EMT, though he couldn't ever shake his musical ambitions...
  • Listen Up: Hearing the Sound in the Noise
    (JUNE 2011) Building 429's album, LISTEN TO THE SOUND, heeds listeners to pay close attention to God speaking among the noise of everyday life.
  • Bright Eyes: Owl City
    (JUNE 2011) From OCEAN EYES to ALL THINGS BRIGHT, Adam Young of Owl City is taking in the whole wide world.
  • 42nd Dove Award Winners
    (MAY 2011) On-stage, back-stage and everywhere in between, CCM was there for every minute of the 42nd Annual Dove Awards. See all the winners and the highlights here!
  • What's New With... Abandon
    (MAY 2011) Check out the latest from Abandon. New project, new sounds and always, without Abandon.
  • Paul Colman Trio
    (MAY 2011) The Paul Colman Trio is back with a new album and the sound we all love.
  • Mandisa Drops The Mask
    (MAY 2011) After losing 120 pounds and the mask of perfection, Mandisa has gained a new perspective and just the perfect songs to tell us all how she got real.
  • Storytelling: Laura Story Finds Blessings In The Story Gone Different
    (MAY 2011) After her husband was diagnosed with, treated for and survived a brain tumor, Laura Story is learning what life looks like with disability, uninvited struggle and blessings from the rubble.
  • Mary Mary's Big Mission
    (MAY 2011) The sisters have had unprecedented success in both the Christian and mainstream world. Now, they're back with a BIG new sound and a firm commitment to keep God, faith and family first.
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