• Jason Alvarez: No More Shame
    After the exhilarating Highs & Desperate Lows Of World Renown, JASON ALVAREZ Only Needed Jesus To Turn Shame And Crying Into Sweet Redemption.
  • Josh Wilson: Dared to Move
    Fresh off the release of his brand-new album, singer/songwriter Josh Wilson is forging ahead despite his ongoing battle with social anxiety and panic attacks — and he’s making his life on stage, at home and everywhere in between a mission field.
  • Mike Farris: For All The People
    Mike Farris' hard journey in life resulted in his 2015 album, ’Shine For All The People' — a project he coproduced — which won the GRAMMY Award for “Best Roots Gospel Album. ...
  • Jimmy Needham: Input / Output
    A Fresh Batch Of Ingredients Poured Into JIMMY NEEDHAM’s New Project VICE & VIRTUE Proves To Be The Difference.
  • Finding Favour: Worth The Wait
    Finding Favour trusts the process and finds encouragement that fans the flame in fighting the good fight.
  • Mini To The Max — Kevin Max Concert Review
    Vocal Giant KEVIN MAX Proves That Big Talent Comes To Small Venues. Concert review from May 28, 2015 and featured in the July 1, 2015 edition of CCM Magazine.
  • The Pulse of Owl City
    Adam Young is a man of deep, authentic faith, who believes music has true transformative spiritual power. CCM has a one-on-one conversation with the one-man band from Owatonna, MN, Owl City.
  • Dan Bremnes: Light Speed Ahead
    A Long, Dark Road Leads DAN BREMNES Back To The Light, Propelling A Fast-Forward Journey Into Faith And Surrender.
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