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The Independent Music Awards

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The Independent Music Awards
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Why Can't True Artists Afford To Pay Their Rent, Let Alone Tour, Promote & Record?!

It's sad but true. Despite years of sacrifice & dedication to their craft, very few musicians ever make a comfortable living from their art. They don't get the support or respect they deserve.

Overworked and underappreciated may make catchy lyrics, but it's not a winning lifestyle!

Wouldn't it be nice to have your hard work recognized as an outstanding achievement by your peers, musical heroes, and the fans & industry you're trying to reach? To be rewarded with new performance and revenue opportunities? To break out from the pack and take your place among champions?

We think so. That's why CCM has partnered with The Independent Music Awards. The IMAs have been rewarding Artistry & Originality for more than decade. The IMAs can connect you to new revenue opportunities and millions of passionate music fans!
Honors awarded in more than 70 Album, Song, Music Video and Design categories include CCM, Gospel and Social Action Songs.
Get Your Music The Attention It Deserves. http://www.independentmusicawards.com/affiliate/ccm-indie
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