Story Behind the Song: Phillips Craig & Dean "When the Stars Burn Down"

Story Behind the Song(s)

Phillips, Craig and Dean

Album: Breathe In

Release Date: 3.13.12




13 and 21 are huge milestones in life. One means you’re officially a teen; the other—you’re officially legal.

For Phillips Craig and Dean, those numbers mean more than ever right now. Entering their 21st year of music ministry and releasing their 13th album, it’s clear that these full-time pastors and artists have not only maintained their monumental appeal; they’ve carried generations of people through life’s milestones, right along with their own.

On this project, Breathe In, they have created songs to reach listeners wherever they may be in life.

“Lots of people are depleted,” says Randy Phillips. “Life has knocked the air out of so many and they feel deflated. Man only became a living soul when God breathed life into him. This record is for anyone who’s had a broken or wounded heart and can’t go forward.”

Not only is the message relevant; the sound of the trio is as fresh and current as many brand new artists.

“For us, the vocal ability has been there; but it’s really the producers who have come to the table with fresh ideas,” says Randy.

“When we started doing praise and worship, we did ‘Let My Words be Few,’ produced by Nathan Nockels,” says Shawn Craig. “That really turned a corner for us and we started thinking outside the box.”

Riding the heels of their chart-topping recent single, “Revelation Song,” written by Jennie Lee Riddle, it’s clear that whatever path they’re taking beyond the box is working. The new single, “When the Stars Burn Down” also written by Riddle speaks to the fact that we’re all outside the box…we’re all made for more.

“We were made for eternity,” says Craig.

Humbled and grateful for their amazing career, the group acknowledges gladly that they’ve gotten to experience a little of that eternity here and now.

“We’re really thankful that we get to do this,” says Randy. “It’s like a little piece of heaven. It’s amazing and wonderful as people put their feet under God’s table. Barriers come down and we remember we’re God’s kids.”


Caroline Lusk

Caroline Lusk

Caroline Lusk was the editor of CCM Magazine between 2008-2014.

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