Look at the Lyrics™: Reach, Peter Furler

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Look at the Lyrics™: Reach, Peter Furler
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Lyric:    “You reach for me with a love that quiets all my fears… I hear You calling out my name, You reach for me, now I'm never gonna be the same.”

Song/Album: “Reach”, On Fire
Artist:    Peter Furler
Writers: Andrew Fromm, Seth Mosley, Juan Otero                   

Scripture: “Jesus said to Jairus, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe.’ And Jesus took the child by the hand and said, ‘Little girl, get up!’ Immediately the girl stood up and walked.” (Mark 5:36, 41, 42)

Reflection: This is the amazing story of Jairus, a synagogue ruler, who comes to Jesus on behalf of his dying daughter. En route to his house, he receives word that the girl has indeed died, but Jesus instructs him not to fear, but to believe. Later Jesus heals the young girl by raising her from the dead.

Remarkable!  Who did Jesus reach for?  Certainly the daughter. He tenderly touched her and spoke life. She was healed and would never be the same.  But equally important was the impact on the father. In the midst of his despair, uncertainty, and grief, Jesus reached for him with a love that quieted his fears. That father held on to his faith, beheld a miracle, and would never be the same!  

Jesus longs to reach into our circumstances, especially when things appear hopeless. When we replace fear with faith, we are transformed and forever changed… After all, God loves us way too much to leave us the same!
Judy Edwards: Look at the Lyrics™

Judy Edwards: Look at the Lyrics™

Judy created Look at the Lyrics to complement the message of Christian music. This is not a story behind the song.

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