Look at the Lyrics™: No Matter What, Kerrie Roberts

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Look at the Lyrics™: No Matter What, Kerrie Roberts
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Lyric: “No matter what, I’m gonna love you
No matter what, I’m gonna need you
I know you can find a way to keep me
from the pain
But if not, I’ll trust you.”

Song/Album: “No Matter What” / Kerrie Roberts
Artist: Kerrie Roberts
Writers: Kerrie Roberts, Charles Butler, Tony Wood

Scripture: (Habakkuk 3:17-18) “Even though the fig trees are all destroyed, and there is neither blossom left nor fruit, and though the olive crops all fail, and the fields lie barren; even if the flocks die in the fields and the cattle barns are empty, yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will be happy in the God of my salvation.”

Reflection:    What a beautiful declaration of choosing to trust God, and praise God, no matter what!  Kerrie’s song totally contemporizes the timeless words of the prophet.  It’s so easy to praise when there’s no pain in our lives.  It’s so simple to trust when there’s no lack of funds in our bank accounts.  But what if we lose a job, or lose a loved one?  What if a spouse forsakes us, or pressures overtake us?  Life is hard.  It can be painfully unfair, and questions go unanswered.

However, we are counseled to count it all joy, rejoice always, pray without ceasing, love the Lord with all our heart, and give thanks always for all things.  Now that can be hard!

But if we keep the faith and trust God completely, no matter what, He’ll give us the peace we need, the provision we require, and the strength to go on…no matter what.


Judy Edwards: Look at the Lyrics™

Judy Edwards: Look at the Lyrics™

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