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Album Title: Christmas Worship

Label: Integrity Music

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Recording Studio: Studios, churches and homes in Colorado Springs, CO, Texas and New York City

Producers: Michael Rossback, Ben Gowell and Paul Baloche

Number of Songs: 12


Vertically Singing: As a worship pastor at a local church for the past 23 years, I have always wrestled with how to keep a sense of worship alive during the Christmas season. We all love the content of carols, but they don't often facilitate a vertical expression of worship. For example, “O Holy Night”—we’re singing about a night, not to God—yet I love that song. So the idea with Christmas Worship was to take classic carols and combine them with modern worship choruses to help facilitate worship throughout the season. –Paul Baloche


Carol Choices: The final litmus test for choosing which songs to record was paying attention to the Christian carols that have resonated within our home church, and then asking: Does the song allow for the addition of a simple vertical worship response without losing the content and heart of the carol? –P.B.


Happy Christmas: The album is very upbeat and happy with an Americana, under-produced kind of production. It has a bit of Beatles, moments of urban gospel,and an Americana “foot stomp” kind of sound. Except for the string quartet arrangements and horn parts provided by John Arndt of “The Brilliants.” P.B.


‘Tis the Summer: The album was recorded in June and July of this year which made me think about my Australian friends who typically celebrate Christmas during the summer months. We set up the Christmas tree, Christmas lights and let the eggnog flow. P.B.





Andrew Greer

Andrew Greer

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