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Ask Your Favorite Artist: Jeremy Camp

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Ask Your Favorite Artist: Jeremy Camp
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This month's CCM reader, Amanda Oliver of Dripping Springs, Texas, has three questions for Jeremy Camp.

Amanda: What's your favorite book/story of the Bible?
Jeremy: That's very hard to choose, but I'd have to say my favorite book of the Bible is probably Romans. Romans deals so comprehensively with the foundations of the Christian faith and lays out what we, as believers, hold so dear to our hearts. It's in Romans that we learn from Paul who we are; once we were sinners, now we are God's children (saints in the faith), in Christ. And truly following Him leads us to real life.

Amanda: Who was your biggest musical influence growing up?
Jeremy: My biggest musical influence would be my dad. Growing up, I watched my dad play so passionately, songs he would write to the Lord. These were awesome worship songs. For me to see that passion in my dad gave me courage to live out my faith and my music.

Amanda: What do your tattoos mean to you?
Jeremy: My tattoos are very personal, and getting them is obviously not for everyone. For me they represent a deep, written, artistic expression of my love for my Lord and Savior. Different people express that in different ways, but these represent, in a small way, my devotion to Jesus.

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